A Journey Through My Bookmarks & Links Part 2. (The crap that I think about)

Understanding TCP Sequence and Acknowledgment Numbers – PacketLife.net

Install | FeedWordPress

Errors and Exceptions — Python 2.7.9rc1 documentation

Python Debugger Uncovered – YouTube
This talk will explain how to implement a debugger for Python. We’ll start with setting a simple trace function, then look how it is implemented in modern ID…

TheMonkeyLords – YouTube Very Good Python Basic Tutorials
I just want to help people out in anyway I can, and so this channel was formed!

isowall – Completely Isolate A Device From The Local Network – Darknet – The Darkside
isowall is a nifty tool if you are doing forensics, running a honeypot or just want to completely isolate a device from the local network.

CSTB » Reference Materials

Canadian Software Testing Board / Comité canadien des testes de logicielCSTB » Certified Testers List

Canadian Software Testing Board / Comité canadien des testes de logicielAmanda Alderman | LinkedIn

c – What happens in memory when an application is crashed or killed by an operating system – Stack Overflow

How to debug crashes and hangs – Kirill Osenkov – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

Visual Studio C# IDE QA Roslyn Kirill OsenkovLinux: 20 Iptables Examples For New SysAdmins – nixCraft  Iptables rules example for new Linux sys admin: Explains how to display, set, modify, delete rules including blocking ip address and ports.Explaining Scrum in less than 120 seconds – YouTube

▶ CIS 121 – System Development Life Cycle – YouTube

Testing Methodologies

This tutorial describes Decision Table Testing Technique with simple exampleTesting Materials

Decision Table Testing Example – There are many test case design techniques. In this article, we will learn how to effectively use Decision Table technique toISTQB Certification Exam Questions

ISTQB Exam Crash Course

Quick Start to preparation for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

Learn Software Testing, prepare for Interviews, Certifications like QTP, CSTE, ISTQB, Loadrunner, RFT using Excellent Study Material, Tutorials, Quizzes to get Best Software Testing JobsCustomize any WordPress Theme (Part 1) – Understanding style.css, header.php, footer.php – YouTube

▶ Customize any WordPress Theme (Part 2) Editing style.css, header.php, and footer.php – YouTube

(Part 2 of 3) Learn how to customize any WordPress theme by understanding the files that control the themes appearance and structure starting with 3 of the m…

Peppermint Halo
A proven and effective remedy known as the “four minute miracle” for headache and migraine sufferers. Our top seller!

PHP throws browser into infinite loop.
PHP was running fine on my Vista machine, but has become unuseable. (I don’t know what triggered the change.) I can open HTML files from either Firefoxendless loop viewing .php files….help please • mozillaZine Forums

Software Testing Course – QACampus

Students can get a specialized software testing course at QACampus to develop their skills that helps them achieve a desired testing job with great ease.David Tzemach – Technical Vision: The ultimate series of Software testing interview questions (Part 1)

Vantec CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Supports 2.5-Inch, 3.5-Inch, 5.25-Inch Hard Disk Drives (Black): Amazon.ca: Computers & Tablets

Vantec CB-ISATAU2 SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter Supports 2.5-Inch, 3.5-Inch, 5.25-Inch Hard Disk Drives (Black): Amazon.ca: Computers & TabletsBeyond bad backlinks: how competitors can hurt your rankings

cisco ccna lab | eBay
Find great deals on eBay for cisco ccna lab and cisco ccna lab kit. Shop with confidence.

Karthik elearn – YouTube

Global destination for mastering HP QTP | Selenium | Manual Testing | Database Testing | JIRA | Bugzilla | HTML | MS Office | Mobile App Testing | Web Servic..

.50 Most Popularly Asked Selenium Interview Questions and Answers – Selenium Tutorial #33 — Software Testing Help
In this tutorial, we have listed the 50 most popularly asked Selenium interview questions including Selenium WebDriver interview questions. The answers providedSelenium Tutorials: 31+ Best Free Selenium Training Tutorials — Software Testing Help

Today we are launching our FREE Selenium Tutorial series. In this Selenium training series we will cover all Selenium testing concepts and its packages inALM-for-test-excution-result.jpg (JPEG Image, 918 × 454 pixels)

This guy rocks!! Introduction to software quality assurance – YouTube

Introduction to software quality assurance
Philip M. Johnson | Professional Portfolio

I am a Professor and the Associate Chair of Information and Computer Sciences at the University of Hawaii and Director of the Collaborative Software Development Laboratory. I received B.S. degrees in both Biology and Computer Science from the University of Michigan in 1980, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in 1990. I have written many…

▶ Selenium For Pythonistas – YouTube

If you’re a full-stack Python developer who wants to incorporate functional tests into your toolkit, join Sauce Labs’ Santiago Suarez Ordoñez in this present…Logging Uncaught Exceptions in Python – Stack Overflow

2. Getting Started — Selenium Python Bindings 2 documentation

5. Selenium Webdriver with Python Tutorial – Basic Actions #1 – YouTube

For more, please visit the full course at: http://gabautomation.usefedora.com/ In this video, I show you how to send keys to a field and how to click on a bu…

▶ Python vs PHP Comparison – YouTube

Premium Full Courses @ http://jream.com This is a basic comparison of the languages and why I really like Python. I still like PHP, but I really like python…

▶ Larry Wall: 5 Programming Languages Everyone Should Know – YouTube

Don’t miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Java is “heavyweight, verbose, and everyone loves to hate it,” but Wall sti…SAN vs. NAS – YouTube

We discuss some of the fundamentals to SAN (Storage Area Networking) and NAS (Network Attached Storage). The differences between the two architectures are ex…1. Installation — Selenium Python Bindings 2 documentation

VirusTotal – Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
VirusTotal is a free virus, malware and URL online
scanning service. File checking is done with more than 40 antivirus
solutions. Files and URLs can be sent via web interface upload, email
API or making use of VirusTotal’s browser extensions and desktop

Mutex Objects (Windows)

ThreatExpert Report

ThreatExpert Submission Reportmongod.exe — MongoDB Manual 2.6.6

Sysinternals Security Utilities

Using Rootkits to Defeat Digital Rights Management – Mark’s Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

TCPView for Windows
Active socket command-line viewer.TCPView Alternatives and Similar Software – AlternativeTo.net

Popular Alternatives to TCPView. Explore 7 apps like TCPView, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.Netactview Alternatives and Similar Software – AlternativeTo.net

Popular Alternatives to Netactview. Explore 11 apps like Netactview, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.Net Activity Viewer
Graphical network connections viewer for linux

Digital Photography Tips for Amateurs
If you don’t know how to use a light box properly, you’ll never get the most out of it. Your photos may still come out gray, or dull, and they might have funny color casts. In short, if you’re not using your lightbox correctly, you may have to just as much post processing as you were doing befor

How to Read Dump Files: 4 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Read Dump Files. When a Windows application crashes or unexpectedly stops, a “crash dump file” is generated to save information present just before the malfunction. Reading small memory dump files can help you troubleshoot the cause…Windows SDK for Windows 8.1 – Windows Dev Center

Contains headers, libraries, and tools for creating apps that run on the Windows operating systems.Meterpreter-Multiple-Processes

Metasploit Meterpreter and NAT | Corelan Team

Professional pentesters typically use a host that is connected directly to the internet, has a public IP address, and is not hindered by any firewalls or NAT
Metasploit Port Forwarding / Routing

Winrelay ntsecurity.nu – toolbox

▶ Build a SAN Howto – Multi-Protocol Storage Area Network – YouTube

Custom SAN, SAN Hardware How-To, VMware SAN, Hyper-V SAN, iSCSI SAN, NFS SAN, NAS, DIY SAN. iTechStorm.com Article: http://www.itechstorm.com/build-a-custom-…▶ How to set up an iSCSI connection in WIndows Server 2008 – YouTube

For proper viewing, click 720p and view video fullscreen. Brien Posey offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up an iSCSI connection in Windows Server…How to use plugin FindBugs in Eclipse : javavids – YouTube

How to use Eclipse plugin FindBugs, which is a very popular plugin for source code analysis. Part of JavaVids tutorials: http://www.javavids.com/

▶ FXCOP – YouTube

FxCop, an abbreviation “Framework Police,” is a rules-based engine that checks managed code assemblies for Microsoft’s .NET Framework design guidelines and c…Coverity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tweets about #testingjobs hashtag on Twitter

3 Things Web Testers Should Know About Cookies | LondonTester.com

3 Things Web Testers Should Know About Cookies. Do you specialise in web testing? Here are three things we feel you should know about cookies, to enable you toHow to post in multiple facebook groups at once

Easiest Method to Post in Multiple Facebook Group at once through a Single Click.▶ Memorize This. Network Layers – OSI, TCP/IP Models -Part 1 – YouTube

Cisco CCNA 1: Introduction to Networking and Network Basics tutorials. With new videos to coincide with the newly released Cisco Academy CCNA 5.0 curriculum.Install Telnet Client Windows7

Savard Software – TurboTop

Savard Software: TurboTopphp – My server was hacked a encoded code was injected. i was not able to know what was the purpose of this code ? Please anybody help me – Stack Overflow

Heh Heh Heh LinEnum – Scripted Linux Enumeration & Privilege Escalation Checks

LinEnum – scripted enumeration & privilege escalation checks for Linux hostsPackt Publishing

Packt Publishing is the leading UK provider of Technology eBooks, Coding eBooks, Videos and Blogs; helping IT professionals to put software to work.

LOL 2/10 Would Not Bang | Know Your Meme
2/10 Would Not Bang is an image macro series in which photos of physically attractive women (and occasionally men) are scrutinized for minor or imagined fla

Linux Privilege Escalation Scripts

Virtual Machine (VM), Windows Virtual PC & Browserstack | Modern.IE

Explore our free set of browser testing and development tools. Access a free trial of Browserstack and download VMs for every operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux to start testing your website.

GNS3: Download, installation and initial configuration | Mr. Bart

If you are looking for a software that will allow you to emulate multiple Cisco devices with the IOS running on it as if it was a real thing, then the GNS3 is a choice for you. Note: You need to purchase at least one license to use Cisco IOS software. You could do that…GNS3

Welcome | GNS3

GNS3 Technologies · GitHub

Build software better, together

▶ How To: Get the Most out of Windows 7 Event Viewer – YouTube

Discover how to get the most out of the new event viewer in Windows 7, including filtering and remote computer management. We’ll also take a peek at a few Po…cisco packet tracer 6.1.1 for windows (with tutorials) – student version cisco packet tracer 6.1.1 for windows (with tutorials) – student version.exe

Welcome to Danscourses.com | About

DansCourses.com is the dedicated site for computer courses taught by Dan Alberghetti. Classes like Cisco CCNA, Flash Web Design, Joomla, Photoshop, Network Penetration Testing, Security, Windows, Server 2008, and Linux Fundamentals.Pre-Built Developer VMs for Oracle VM VirtualBox | Oracle Technology Network

Download our VirtualBox VMs for easy-install test drives of Database App Dev, SOA & BPM dev, and Java dev stacks.SQL Injection Simulation Environment – Practice SQL Injection

Practice SQL SQL injection in a testing environment. We provide this sql injection test site for you to practice in a secure and controlled simulation environment.Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters: Justin Seitz: 9781593275907: Amazon.com: Books

Black Hat Python: Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters [Justin Seitz] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <div> When it comes to creating powerful and effective hacking tools, Python is the language of choice for most security analysts. But just how does the magic happen? In Black Hat Python</i>

Cisco CCNA Security – YouTube

This playlist organizes my Cisco CCNA Security class tutorials in a linear order. Please use them for study and review.SECURITY+ vs CCNA SECURITY

i had a few question abt SECURITY+,hope anyone can ans them… 1]whats better security+ or ccna security??? 2]how much time does it take normally to

Anand Bagmar | ThoughtWorks
A global software company focused on software design and delivery. We provide professional services and products and leading thought on Agile and Continuous Delivery.Entrepreneurs Suck at Relationships | Dana Severson | LinkedIn

Netflix down or not working properly? Current problems, status and outages | Down Detector

Real-time problems and outages for Netflix. Is the service down. Is online viewing not working? Here you see what is going on.CCNA Training CBT – Data Encapsulation – YouTube

▶ Building A CCNA Home LAB – YouTube

Successful CCNA, CCNP and CCIEs follow these 5 basic principles for passing their exams. My current recommendation for materials are listed below (updated No…▶ CCIE Home Lab Tour – YouTube

Successful CCNA, CCNP and CCIEs follow these 5 basic principles for passing their exams. My current recommendation for materials are listed below (updated No…CCNA Home Lab – How to Build – YouTube

Successful CCNA, CCNP and CCIEs follow these 5 basic principles for passing their exams. My current recommendation for materials are listed below (updated No…danscourses – YouTube

You can download my CCNA1 Practice Final Packet Tracer Activity file here: http://www.danscourses.com/CCNA-1/ccna1-practice-final-packet-tracer-6.html In Par…Binary Game 8a: IPv6 Addresses: Hexadecimal (5 pts.) (5 pts.)

How To Subnet
Use our subnet cheat sheet to learn how to subnet easily

Impatience – Personality & Spirituality

Brief Moment Of Lucidity Called Panic Attack | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source
JEFFERSON CITY, MO—Following a brief episode Friday during which he became physically debilitated by a flood of worries about his struggles in his career, romantic failings, and his own fragile mortality, sources confirmed that local man Evan Turoff…The Art of the Subnet Cheat Sheet And Other Subnetting Tips

CCNA How many subnets and hosts per subnet

How many subnets and hosts per subnet can you get from the network Answer: 4096 subnets and 4094 hosts ok i understan the host part is /20Help:Range blocks – MediaWiki


Remote Job Listings – Stack Overflow Careers

CLASS B SUBNET CALCULATIONS the Easy Way – YouTube lol the easy way. shit is hard!

I made a tutorial video showing you how to do Class B subnet calculations. I will show you how to find out from your IP address and a mask your Subnet/Networ…Class B Subnetting Easier. IPv4 Subnetting Practice for the CCNA – Class B – YouTube

I made a tutorial video showing you how to do Class B subnet calculations. I will show you how to find out from your IP address and a mask your Subnet/Networ…
Network Policy and Access Services

Network Policy and Access Services (NPAS) helps you safeguard the health and security of your network. The NPAS server role includes Network Policy Server (NPS), Health Registration Authority (HRA), and Host Credential Authorization Protocol (HCAP)
.Network Access Protection (Windows)

Network Access Protection – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

30 Problems Only Canadian People Will Understand. #5 Is So Accurate It Hurts. – Calgary Connex

CCNA | Tumblr

Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.Advanced subnetting – how to speed up and master subnetting for CCNA and Microsoft exams – YouTube

Master your subnetting!Master IP Subnetting in 10 minutes – Part 1 – YouTube

Master your subnetting!SQL injection tutorial (Union based/ Normal) – YouTube

63 White Hat Hacking Tutorial Hackbar – YouTube

mozilla firefox : http://www.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/fx/ hackbar : https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/hackbar/ 5000 google dorks : http://pastebin.co&#8230;
HACKING TUTORIAL – Hackbar – YouTube

mozilla firefox : http://www.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/fx/ hackbar : https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/hackbar/ 5000 google dorks : http://pastebin.co..

.DING!!!!! Subnetting Made Easy – YouTube

Sunset Learning Instructor, Russell Hughes, provides tips and examples of how to make Subnetting easier.WOW 5000 Fresh Google Dorks List for SQL injection 2015 | BackTrack page

200-120 CCNA Exam – The Cisco Learning Network

Learn about the CCNA composite (200-120 CCNA) exams and recommended training courses to achieve your Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching certification.Submit a link | Digg

Google flushes 61% of Android users down the security toilet | Naked Security

Apparently, pre-KitKat Androids, which currently account for 61% of devices out there, will no longer get web browser security fixes.IP Subnetting like a Boss | Mr. Bart

The are two ways how you can be given the mask of the network. CIDR – AKA slash notation, begins with a slash followed by how long is the mask in number of bits – for example /29 Dotted decimal notation – for example You will see that to do subnetting like a Boss…CCENT/CCNA ICND1 100-101 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition eBook and Practice Test

Cisco Press has the only Self-Study Guides Approved by Cisco for the New CCENT Certification. The New Edition of this Best-Selling Official Cert Guide Premium Edition includes Updated Content, New Exercises, 500 Practice Questions, and 90 Minutes of Video Training — PLUS the CCENT Network Simulator Lite Edition with 26 Free Network Simulator Labs.▶ CYBORG HAWK MENU WALKTHROUGH – YouTube

The most advanced, powerful and yet beautiful penetration testing distribution ever created.Lined up with ultimate collection of tools for pro Ethical Hacker…Cisco Certified Network Associate

Continuing Education Equivalency Studies – Take equivalency courses to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

How to Use a Fluke DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer – YouTube

Covers the set up and testing for cat 5 and cat 6 permalink, as well as using the fiber optic modules for testing. Includes some troubleshooting tips and com…

Sniffing Tutorial part 1 – Intercepting Network Traffic – NETRESEC Blog

This blog post is the first part of a two-part tutorial that shows how to sniff network traffic. This first part covers how to intercept the traffic, i.e. how to get the packets to arrive to your network card. The second part covers how to best capture the network traffic to disk once you’ve managed[…]

Sniffing Tutorial part 2 – Dumping Network Traffic to Disk – NETRESEC Blog

This blog post is the second part of a two-part tutorial that shows how to sniff network traffic. The first part covered how to intercept the traffic, i.e. how to get the packets to arrive to your network card. This second part covers how to best capture the network traffic to disk once you’ve manag[…]CAM Table Overflow – Hakipedia

ahrefs backlink checker

GScraper – Fastest Scrape, Check, Filter, POST, Expand
The most powerful scraper and poster for your link building arsenal!

ScrapeBox – Harvest, Check, Ping, Post
ScrapeBox the Ultimate Link Harvester, Mass WordPress and Movable Type Blog Comment Poster Complete with PR Storm Mode and Bulk Pagerank Checker.

Search Engine Ranker – fully automated seo backlink builder
Build backlinks 24 hours a day. Not based on a database of submission sites, it will find you new websites for you and submit your website.

BotmasterLabs.Net: description of XRumer
description of XRumernetworking – Can Wireshark capture an entire Ethernet frame including preamble, CRC and Interframe spacing? – Server Fault Lab – Using Wireshark to Examine Ethernet Frames – Lab – Using Wireshark to Examine Ethernet Frames.pdf

(aka Inside Molly Brown) Awakenings

Hidden Android Secret Codes & Their Usage AnonHQ
Best Hidden Android Secret Codes

Fluke Networks – OptiView XG, network analysis tablet – YouTube

Introducing the OptiView® XG — the first dedicated tablet with automated network and application analysis — fastest way to root cause. XG raises the bar fo..

.▶ Computer Networks Lecture 20 — Error control and CRC – YouTube

python – How to reliably generate Ethernet frame errors in software? – Stack Overflow

How Do I Use Raw Socket in Python? – Stack Overflow

▶ Introduction to RIP(Routing Information Protocol) – YouTube

HTML Basics | Codecademy

Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.Bunchofuckingoofs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

QA GLOBO Consulting

Contacts | QA GLOBO Consulting

QA Globo Consulting – Google+

QA Globo Consulting – QA Globo Consulting is a software testing company that offers a flexible and personal approach for each and every customer. We provide independent full-cycle quality assurance and application testingQA Globo Consulting – Oakville, ON

TestingPartners is an innovative approach to testing that allows labs to be proactively matched with potential testing and compliance customersComprehensive Testing Laboratory Search | NRTL Approval

Testing Partners provides a comprehensive testing laboratory search and guaranteed lowest prices on testing services such as product testing & certificationVeronika – Silicon Peel (Mississauga, ON) – Meetup

We’re creating a platform, on-line and in-person, to help our members connect with the hi-tech, ICT startup community in Peel, and create opportunities for small business growth, developers and partne

Beavis + Butt-Head watch Type O Negative – Black No. 1 – YouTube

i didn’t find this video from youtube clean or full anywhere so i made this.. LYRICS: Not long ago but far away A rainy winter’s day All her pain she kept in…

Black Box Testing Like A Boss | Functional Testing

The Black Box testing becoming viral amongst testers is a strategy that is full of surprises and interesting details. It is amongst the most used testing strategies yet lots and more questions about it are popping up like mushrooms after an autumn rain.Customer Service :: Cisco (Pearson Vue Book Exam)

Contact Customer Service for Cisco.‘696969’ and 24 more of the dumbest passwords of 2014 – The Globe and Mail

Current TASSQ Event

The Toronto Association of Systems and Software Quality (TASSQ) was established in 1993 as an organization for Quality Assurance professionals. Our attendees include anyone who has an interest in software quality, or software testing, whether they work for a large corporation, a small software house, or whether they are independent consultants. What We Do: TASSQ holds monthly meetings involving a presentation by a professional in the software quality or testing industry. The purpose of the meetings is to share quality practices and to provide an opportunity for networking. To date, the presentations have included a wide variety of topics including software testing, project management, risk management, software testing and quality metrics, process improvement, implementing quality practices, latest trends, etc. Meetings range in size from 45 to 200 attendees and meetings occur the last Tuesday of the month, running from January to June, and September to November inclusive.TASSQ Job Board



Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.Skyrock.com

Blogs, profiles, meetings, chat, photis, videos, music… With Skyrock your can create your network of friends and share your images, clips and gadgets for free and unlimited.Welcome! | VK

VK is the largest European social network with more than a 100 million active users. Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbours and co-workers in touch.Main Page – Encyclopedia Dramatica

The articles in this parody of an encyclopedia explain things in a not-so-politically-correct sort of way.Crowfall | Building Upon Star Wars Galaxies’ Crafting | MMORPG

Crowfall has some mighty lofty goals for itself. The new MMORPG being made in Austin and helmed by Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton seeks to make the sandbox MMO something great again. And they’ve enlisted the help of some serious talent to do so: namely Thomas “Blixtev” Blair and Raph Koster. Today, we learn all about Blixtev’s design for the crafting in Crowfall to build upon the near perfection that was Star Wars Galaxies.LiveJournal: Discover global communities of friends who share your unique passions and interests.

Space: GNS3 Download | GNS3

Thank you for downloading the GNS3 software.Space: Get Started | GNS3

Space: Documentation | GNS3

gns3 – YouTube

The whole process from fuzzing an application to creating an exploit for it, please visit my blog to read everything. http://poc-hack.blogspot.com/2011/10/fr&#8230;Codecademy Labs

Cisco IOS for GNS3 – The Cisco Learning Network
Hi all, I have been studying for my CCENT for around a month now. I am a career changer so I am looking for ways to gain practical experience. Since I’ve st

21 Life Lessons You Learned From George Costanza

“It’s not a lie if you believe it.”..

Learn how Crowdcurity bug bounty platform works | Crowdcurity Create a bug bounty program in minutes. Launch a bug bounty program, receive bug reports and reward valid vulnerabilities in one place.

UsefulModules – Python Wiki

PHP: Function Reference – Manual

PHP: Alphabetical – Manual

UI Commands – SWG Wiki, the Star Wars Galaxies wiki

The following are commands that are preceeded with /ui action. I have not personally tested all…If Obama Gets His Way, Sharing This Story Will Soon Be a Felony – Mic

.Mike Pangrazio | World of Odd Balls
Michael Pangrazio also known as Mike Pangrazio is the famed American art director famous for his notable deliverables in the movies like Indiana Jones and Star

Ice Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls – Will Gadd’s First Ascent – YouTube
CLICK for the full story of his historic ascent: http://win.gs/1tAgdOq Internationally renowned ice climber Will Gadd takes ice climbing to the next level by…


Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

RiverBrink Art Museum | Niagara Falls Tourism

Mackenzie Printery & Newspaper Museum | Niagara Falls Tourism

Miller’s Creek Marina | Niagara Falls Tourism

McFarland House | Niagara Falls Tourism

St. Catharines Museum & Welland Canal Centre at Lock 3 | Niagara Falls Tourism

Niagara Military Museum | Niagara Falls Tourism

php – Why does this syntax work to parse an associative array value into a string? – Stack Overflow

Repeat this.. Advanced Arrays | Codecademy
Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

Warning signs: HR expert reveals the hidden messages coded into job descriptions – Workopolis

Corporate Bullshit Generator

CCNA Study Notes – Routed vs. Routing Protocols

She’s sinking into debt to climb out of poverty | Niagara Falls Review

Coat and Tails – Pit Bull Type Dogs – Adopt Don’t Shop – Women’s Tee
Merchandise at Coat and TailsCoat and Tails – Merchandise

The strange story of Jetfire, and other Transformers toys | Den of Geek
Hasbro’s Transformers toys are 30 this year. Ryan looks back at their strange origins, including Jetfire’s complicated history…

7 Most Useful Network Monitoring Tools – Azure.efytimes
For server admins, networking is the most important word. here’s a list of important network monitoring tools, with some open source options.

Coworking space planned for downtown Welland | Welland Tribune

Expect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Expect – Expect – Home Page

Driving A Supercharged Zanardi Edition Acura NSX Was A Revelation
I have finally figured out what the new turbocharged, hybrid, all-wheel drive, 550 horsepower 2016 Acura NSX will really compete against: the original NSX. Not in sales, mind you, but in expectations. There is no way the new NSX will escape comparison with its famous father.

jQuery API Documentation

jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library

Defending Your Console

A new problem has arisen in CCNA class: We have a lab that asks the students to enable a debug command; the debug overruns the console buffer to the extent thatExpect FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Expect – YouTube

Expect, an extension to the Tcl scripting language written by Don Libes, is a program to automate interactions with programs that expose a text terminal inte..
.▶ Tcl Script demonstration – YouTube

Tcl – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Environment Modules (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

COTSE – Expect Reference

The Computer Professionals’ Reference – specializing in computer security and educationhttp://expect.sourceforge.net/doc/seven-years.html

Using Expect Scripts to Automate Tasks » ADMIN Magazine

Expect is a unique scripting language that emulates keystrokes by responding to expected responses from a local or remote system. Think of Expect a…Expect Examples

When to use Expect scripting and when to avoid it (Brian Smith’s AIX / UNIX / Linux / Open Source blog)

If you are not familiar with “expect”, it is a script/programming language that is designed to automate interactive processes. For example, suppose you need to install a piece of software on many UNIX/Linux servers. The installation program runs from the command line, but must be run interactively. When run, it interactively asks the user for several pieces of information, and then installs. With expect, you could write a script to automate this task so that when the installation program prompts for information expect supplies the information, essentially simulating a user and automating the task. Expect allows you to…solaris – expect script + write “if” in expect script – Server Fault

Tcl manual page – Tcl Built-In Commands

Scripting a Cisco switch with Python and Expect « Electricmonk.nl weblog

Python: module pexpect

Expect Scripting For Network Engineers (Cisco) | Paul Gerard Porter

Have you ever spent a good portion of your day repeatedly logging into all of the network devices in your data center to add the IP address of a new syslog server? Or perhaps removing the local user account of a former peer who jumped ship to greener pastures? As a Network Engineer there have…How to use PuTTY Terminal Emulator to configure, monitor or manage a Cisco Router or Switch

This lesson explains how to use PuTTY Terminal Emulator to configure, monitor or manage a Cisco Router or SwitchCisco 2611, no console output – goto: answer

Top 10 Biggest Internet Communities – Toptenz.net

There are a huge number of communities online, and the range of conversation topics is limitless. Say you want to talk about sports—there are plenty of disList of Internet forums – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Titan – Disney World Florida – Fort Pierce Beaches – YouTube < Me and my family

Current Opportunities – Falls Avenue Resort Careers

CodeCrawl.com Best Programming Tutorials

This site helps you in your learning process, especially in programming. It guides you in learning to code in a programming language such as PHP or SQL

.How “omnipotent” hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years—and were found at last | Ars Technica “Equation Group” ran the most advanced hacking operation ever uncovered.

How does r/learnprogramming feel about Codeacademy? : learnprogramming
My coworkers are on the fence; some say I should use Learn Python the Hard Way, and others say learning python any way is good. Edit: wow, I…Learn to Code Online: Code School vs. Treehouse vs. Codecademy – Hack hack hack…

Like any n00b, I spent a lot of time learning the skills of programming online. Outside of random YouTube Videos (NewBoston is worth your time), …6 Inspiring Websites That Teach You To Code

If you’ve always had a desire to build your own apps or create your own websites, then you can begin your coding education with nothing more than a browser, an internet connection, and some spare time. Here we’ve picked out six of the best resources currently available online.

How to Start Performance Testing- The Black Art Revealed | Joe Colantonio – Selenium-UFT-QTP-SoapUI-ALM-LoadRunner & more
The Black Art of Performance Testing with Scott Moore Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Moore about performance testing and

LoadRunner inPuTTY Download Page

TFTPD32 : an opensource IPv6 ready TFTP server/service for windows : TFTP server

A free tftp and dhcp server for windows, freeware tftp serverUsing the Command-Line Interface

The Testers Edge | My experiences, observations, and thoughts on Software Testing

My experiences, observations, and thoughts on Software Testing (by Bernice)Do You Think I Could be a Tester? – Testing Circus

In this article I will address the question “do you think I could be a tester?” Testing is a lot more than finding a few obvious problems. This is not a quick shadowing exercise or a one-time conversation.Use TFTP to Backup your Cisco Router Configurations – Petri

TFTP server

A free tftp and dhcp server for windows, freeware tftp serverIP Tunnels Cisco IOS Interface Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 – Configuring Logical Interfaces [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Mainline] – Cisco

Cisco IOS Interface Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 – Configuring Serial Interfaces [Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.2 Mainline] – Cisco

▶ THE CURE – SHOW – TAPE – YouTube

Stereo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMHykYTomdo&fmt=18 Lyrics gouge away you can gouge away stay all day if you want to missy aggravation some sacred ques…

Cisco administration 101: Five interface commands you should know – TechRepublic

Whether you’re a seasoned admin or a newbie, it’s always a good idea to review from time to time. When working with routers and switches, you usually don’t have to configure an interface using the Cisco IOS every day, and it’s easy to become a little rusty on the necessary commands. David Davis lists five Cisco IOS Interface Configuration Mode commands everyone should know.

CablesAndKits.com: One stop source for Cisco Accessories and more!StarTech RK12OD 12U Black Server Racks/Cabinets – Newegg.com

Buy StarTech RK12OD 12U Black Server Racks/Cabinets with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg!Cisco 2950 Series 24 Port Switch, WS-C2950-24

Cisco 2950 Series 24 Port Switch, WS-C2950-24 – WS-C2950-24 – $34.95 – In Stock!12U Freestanding Equipment Rack, 19″, Black

12U Freestanding Equipment Rack, 19″, Black – RACKSTAND12U – $33.61 – In Stock!Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a 2600 Series | Free CCNA Workbook

How to recover a corrupt IOS “Internetwork Operating System” Image on a Cisco 2600 Series router. You may use this lab for other platforms as well including…How to: Backup Cisco IOS image to TFTP server

Adding IOS (or IOU/Qemu/VirtualBox etc) images … | GNS3

The way in which we add IOS images to GNS3 v1 has changed significantly since the old GNS3. The icons for these various items won’t appear in theHow to Connect Gns3 to VirtualBox: Virtual Network Lab with GNS3

Here presents virtual network lab with GNS3. How to Connect Gns3 to VirtualBox? This tutorial covers detailed steps to perform virtual networking computing by connecting Oracle VM VirtualBox to GNS3 virtual networksOur Blog | RFE Hosting

This blog is used for regular service updates and guides on internet and web site related topics.mIRC: Register mIRC

mIRC: Register mIRCCodeEval – Coding Challenges for the World’s Best Developers

CodeEval is a community of the world’s top developers to practice and compete on code challenges. Build our your developer profile and see where you rankGNS3 Network Simulation Guide | PACKT Books

From installation through to creating large scale simulations, this is the complete guide to GNS3 that will give you the know-how needed for Cisco certification. For networking professionals, it’s a career-advancing tutorial.Niagara Casinos | Job Details

Remote OK — a daily listing of jobs where it’s okay to work remotely

Remote OK is a daily listing of jobs where it’s okay to work remotely. At distributed startups like Buffer, Zapier and Automattic who embrace the future. There are 3,700+ opportunities to work anywhere and live everywhere.CBT Nuggets – GNS3: Welcome to GNS3

“How good do you want to be?” A key ingredient to being very good at something is to have excellent instruction combined with lots of practice, practice, pra..

.The Top Ten Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Us – Forbes
Let’s honor him, by remembering these lessons Steve taught us.Startup Jobs – AngelList

See 1000s of startup jobs at the best startups. Get salary, equity and funding info upfront. Apply privately with one click. No recruiters, no spam. 4000+ startups hiring.Facebook Graph Editor

QA job at Meridian

404 Meridian http://www.meridiancu.ca/about-us/information/careers.htm

Internet Memes And ‘The Right To Be Forgotten’ : All Tech Considered : NPR

Becoming Internet-famous is a gold mine for some, a nightmare for others. The world of memes can pit free speech against the desire for privacy. And laws generally aren’t keeping up, an expert says.

Virtual Machine (VM), Windows Virtual PC & Browserstack | Modern.IE

Explore our free set of browser testing and development tools. Access a free trial of Browserstack and download VMs for every operating system including Windows, Mac and Linux to start testing your website.

Cross-browser testing: All major browsers on ONE machine – Stack Overflow

Cross Browser Testing Tool. 300+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE.

Test your website for cross browser compatibility on real browsers. Instant access to multiple desktop and mobile browsers. Get Free Trial.

Dating a Scorpio | POPSUGAR Love & Sex
Scorpios are not exactly known for having passive personalities or a lack of confidence. Whether you are one or dating one, you know that people of this zodiac sign are a force to be reckoned with. YourTango has put together 14 brutal truths about datingnetwork –

How are ACK storms created and what’s a good mitigation strategy for them? – Information Security Stack Exchange

Session hijacking attack – OWASP

GNS3 • View topic – The Illusive Art of Acquiring A Good Idle-PC Value


MySQL Tutorial – Learn MySQL Fast, Easy and Fun.

MySQL Tutorial website provides a comprehensive MySQL tutorial with practical examples. You will learn MySQL fast, easy and fun.MeekroDB — The Simple PHP MySQL Library

Common MySQL Queries

Common Queries,MySQL Queries,Common SQL QueriesMySQL Query Tool – Visual Query Builder by Devart

dbForge Studio for MySQL includes excellent visual MySQL query builder. With our query tool you can create complex queries in a few mouse clicks.Using EXPLAIN to Write Better MySQL Queries

In this article we’ll run through how to use EXPLAIN to write better MySQL queries.Identifying MySQL slow queries – MDLog:/sysadmin

One of the most important steps in optimizing and tuning mysql is to identify the queries that are causing problems. How can we find out what queries …

MySQL Run SQL Queries From A Shell Prompt / Command Line
Explains how to specify a sql query directly on the command line / shell prompt for mysql to execute.

If This Video Doesn’t Convince You To Put Down Your Phone, Nothing Probably Will – The Meta Picture

How do you send a “Break” on puTTY to a cisco 2600 Terminal server | Remote Access | Cisco Support Community | 5536 | 11390416
Engage, collaborate, co-create, and share with your fellow experts on any Cisco technology or solutions in technical support forums in six different languages. Participate in live expert events and join the ongoing technical support forum in our communities.

Confirmation bias – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

TCP Session Hijacking

IEEE 802.1Q – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


nm-4e cisco 2600 – Google Search

Install Microsoft Loopback Adapter

How to connect GNS3 to the Internet – Jesin’s Blog

Article explaining how to connect GNS3 to the internet. This article explains doing this both in Linux and Windows OSes based on whether you connect to the internet using a dial modem, data card, WiFi or using an ADSL modem.

Programming TCP Hijacking Tools in Perl | Datenterrorist

—:[ Introduction Why should someone write TCP hijacking programs with Perl instead of C? Well the answear is really simple: Its easier! And you can use the string and pattern matching power of Perl. So lets see what one requires to write those tools. You have to get some modules from CPAN [1]: Net::RawIP, NetPacket,…

P.A.T.H. — Perl Advanced TCP Hijacking

Perl Advanced TCP HijackingGNS Loopback – connect to physical equipment – YouTube

In this GNS3.org video, David Bombal shows you how to setup communication between GNS3 and physical equipment. He configures GNS3 to communicate to a physica…Square One: Milton Bradley G1 “Red Tracks”

Configuring a Loopback Interface | Free CCNA Workbook

Learn how to create and configure loopback interfaces on a Cisco Router.Virtual Network with Internet Access Using Windows 7 Virtual PC and the Loopback Adapter | Henrik Olsson’s Computer Software Notes

Sometimes I have the need to have two or more virtual machines connected in a virtual network when developing applications. You can set the network to Internal Network in Windows 7 Virtual PC settings and the virtual machines can communicate with each other, but they cannot communicate with the host. To fix that, and enable…Using Microsoft Loopback Adapter

List of Nürburgring Nordschleife lap times – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Community Blog: Topology Challenge Winners | GNS3

Firstly on behalf of the entire GNS3 team – WOW!   We are always so impressed with how far people are pushing the software but this challenge showedHow to Connect GNS3 to the Internet – YouTube

In this video I show you how to connect GNS3 to the InternetTop 10 Paid Software Testing Projects at uTest

From wearables to commerce testing, this week’s top 10 paid software testing projects at uTest offer diversity for the entire community.

16 Great Quotes For Software Testers – Software Testing Blog

Courses – Code School

Learn to code with video tutorials, programming challenges, and web development screencasts.What Is Docker? An open platform for distributed apps

Solomon Hykes, Docker’s Founder & CTO, gives an overview of Docker in this short video (7:16).Community Blog: Connect Docker containers to GNS3 | GNS3

By default, Docker run containers from a single subnet connected to host interface docker0. So for more flexibility, I use pipework (jpetazzo/pipeworkBro

Wireshark Book Website

Wireshark Network Analysis (Second Edition) by Laura Chappell | 9781893939943 | Get Textbooks | New Textbooks | Used Textbooks | College Textbooks – GetTextbooks.com

Wireshark University

Wireshark: Working with Packet Streams | PACKT Books

Wireshark: Working with Packet Streams written by Abhinav Singh : one of the many articles from Packt PublishingNetwork Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook | PACKT Books

This book will be a massive ally in troubleshooting your network using Wireshark, the world’s most popular analyzer. Over 100 practical recipes provide a focus on real-life situations, helping you resolve your own individual issues.The Day After My Wife and I Separated | Kimanzi Constable

If you are separated, I hope you keep hope alive. If someone else has tempted you, I hope you decide to choose love over attraction. If you’re just starting your life together, make the decision to love each other every single minute of the time you …

Wireshark Not Displaying Packets From Other Network Devices, Even in Promisc Mode – Super User


For your Microsoft Windows-based wireless packet capture device which will provide you information about wireless protocols and radio signals.Contact Riverbed | Riverbed

CaptureSetup/WLAN – The Wireshark Wiki

Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python | PACKT Books

A practical guide on automated web testing with Selenium using PythonXnote – Virtual Geocaching. Hide virtual messages outdoors!

Use Xnote to hide virtual messages outdoors. Hide a love note or a fun photo. Get kids off the sofa and out the door by sending them on a scavenger hunt close to home or school. A virtual take on geocaching. Fun, exciting and educational!


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